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Copy Certificate Ordering Process

PLEASE NOTE:  We are only able to provide copy certificates for events which occurred within the Milton Keynes registration district, and as not all areas with Milton Keynes in the address fall within our district it is best to check before placing your certificate order as by continuing you are confirming that you accept our terms and conditions and agree that no refund would be made if we are unable to locate the record.

If you wish to request an adoption or still birth certificate please refer to the General Register Office (GRO) website or contact the GRO directly on 0300 123 1837.

If you have very little or no details regarding a registration aside from a name, then you can contact the General Register Office who can do a more in-depth search for all the districts in England and Wales.

By ticking below and continuing you are confirming that:

  • you have read, understand and agree to our terms and conditions;
  • you authorise us to start work on your certificate request immediately and within the 14 day cooling off period;
  • you agree to pay costs for any work carried out, this includes payment for any searches where the birth, death, marriage or civil partnership did not take place in the Milton Keynes Registration District;
  • you have checked with the church or place of worship in Milton Keynes where you were married and they confirm that the register containing your marriage has been handed over to the Milton Keynes Register Office.  As all registers are being returned to the Register Office there may be a delay in us being able to produce your certificate.  Once the register is in our possession we will fulfill your order.
  • Milton Keynes Council Registration Service accept no liability for loss, damage or failure of delivery and, therefore, no refund or replacements will be provided.  Special delivery is available, at an additional cost, where a tracking number can be provided for additional security. 

Please let us know if you need any assistance accessing our services.

Data Security - Milton Keynes Council Registration Service is committed to ensuring your information is protected.  We only collect your data where we have a legal obligation; as a public task or with your express consent. Please read our privacy notice for full details.


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